Leave the older drivers in peace

July 18, 2013 

Dick Hagerty's columns are always enjoyable, but I have a couple of quibbles about his latest, "Test older drivers behind the wheel for license renewal" (July 14). I, too, received the "so old you have to show up" notice from the DMV. I, too, found the current driver's manual really long.

However, my impression of our Modesto DMV office was far from negative. Due to the large numbers of people funneling through, an appointment was crucial. But subsequently, my visit proceeded smoothly and I, too, aced the test. Most gratifying, the employees I met were courteous and good-humored.

As for road testing everyone over 60? Overkill. Older drivers may go a bit slower and stare at signs seconds longer but they seem competent. It's the younger ages that need the refresher course. Their giant vehicles loom up behind mine and remain there as if tethered. When I slow for a red light, they zoom around, apparently to test their brake linings.

Recognizing frailties, older drivers self limit. We curtail rush hour and night driving. Merging onto expressways? Sorry. So, unless an actual cognition problem is present, let's leave the elders in peace on their merry (slower) way.



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