Teachers do fine job of serving public

July 16, 2013 

They arrive at work early, stay late and spend much of their summer break attending workshops and planning how to enhance their clients' lives. Functioning in teams, they communicate, collaborate and demonstrate care for their customers. They continually face new and seemingly impossible challenges in order to meet ever-changing demands for improvement, often doing more with less. No matter that they may disagree with a new program or legislative decision: They step up and give their professional best, demonstrating principled flexibility and the ability to compromise.

Congress should learn from these school teachers. I can easily envision a teacher going to Washington, D.C., and doing a fine job of serving the public. They're equipped with myriad requisite skills, as described.

But a Congress member taking on a kindergarten class? Not so much. Both groups are public servants, paid by our tax dollars. From my perspective, we're getting a much better return on our investment from teachers than from this sluggish, bitter and purposefully nonproductive Congress. Time for a U.S. civics lesson.



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