Same-sex couples rushing to the altar? No way

July 15, 2013 

To say same-sex couples do not understand what marriage entails is nonsensical because most of them keep up on marriage laws more than anyone else, as it is something they have been wanting for hundreds of years. When you want something, you work for it, and you appreciate it when you get it. When you appreciate it, you accept any consequence that will come with it, in this case, the possibility of divorce.

To say same-sex couples will rush into marriage without thinking about it, the statistics prove they don't! Even if some same-sex couples do rush, how is that different than other couples who rush? It's not. Same-sex couples do understand the concept of alimony as all of us do, because 50 percent of all Americans come from broken homes, homosexual or heterosexual.

We should take a page from their book and treat marriage as precious as they do. We should appreciate it as if it took us hundreds of years to have it!



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