Zimmerman case clearly self-defense

July 15, 2013 

Never in the recent course of human events has a simple case of self-defense been twisted into such a case of racial hatred, evidence being withheld, lying under oath, media tampering, and an openly biased judge and media helping the prosecution!

Then, throw in the remarks of a sitting president, openly trying to racially charge a nation without knowing the facts. This alone is unprecedented! Sadly, this is also a simple truth!

There is no doubt that this case should have been dismissed and never come to trial in the first place! The final outcome of the trial apprises us of this fact: The preponderance of evidence was always in George Zimmerman's favor. The evidence presented by the prosecution alone should have ended the trial before it began.

Now America, as a free nation, has anarchists and malcontents demonstrating in the streets and burning the American flag, threatening to destroy property and burn cities just because a verdict based on hard facts and sound evidence found Zimmerman not guilty. This verdict is win-win for all Americans and the American way!



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