Make better use of Modesto tax money

July 15, 2013 

I find it interesting that the city just doesn't have the money for more police. There always seems to be plenty of money when the powers that be want something, like Tenth Street Plaza, the convention center, a new police building, greatly increased salaries for the council and mayor, and plenty of money to pay for studies to see if we will vote to raise our taxes.

But if you want police, fire departments or libraries, oops, no money for that. You need to vote to raise your taxes for that.

There seems to be plenty of money to take five or 10 officers to set up a DUI checkpoint, but no money to respond to burglar alarms. We had an incident at work; it took two hours for an officer to respond. No. 1 in car thefts again, crime on the rise.

If I were a criminal, Modesto is the place I'd want to be. Before you ask me for more money, show me some honest effort. Quit wasting the money you have building monuments to yourselves and put it into doing your jobs, serving the needs of the people who pay for it.



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