Hot weather clings to Merced area

July 15, 2013 

A ring, known as a circular halo or a sun halo, appears around the sun, as seen in the sky over McConnell State Recreation Area Wednesday. (7-3-13) The phenomenon happens when light from the sun is is refracted by moisture in the form of ice crystals in the cirrostratus clouds, creating the hallo effect around the sun.


Temperatures in Merced cleared the triple-digit hurdle Tuesday after a weekend of cooler weather.

A weeklong hot spell ended July 4 when the heat slumped to the mid-90s, giving people a chance to catch their breath after seven days of 104 to 107 highs.

Tuesday's high ended the short-lived cool-down by reaching 104 degrees.

But Mercedians don't need to sweat crossing the century mark, because temperatures are expected to get down to 95 by Thursday.

Overnight temperatures are predicted to drop to the low-60s.

Merced's weather, though hot, has not reached the length or levels of some Central Valley towns.

Monday, officials announced two more suspected heat-related deaths in the valley as thermometers in parts of the state hit triple digits for the 12th straight day.

Cal-OSHA said there have been seven suspected heat-related deaths in the state since June 18, including one in Ceres. No serious heat-related health problems were reported during the extreme heat in Merced County.

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