Misleading 'pay cuts'

July 12, 2013 

The article "Denair school district cuts nonunion wages" (June 29) leads one to believe that all nonunion management staff are taking deep cuts. In fact, several of the nonunion management salaries and positions were restructured and renamed in such a way that many of these individuals actually escaped taking a cut. Put simply, they were given a new title; given a new, higher pay scale; and then took either a 7.75 percent or 11.05 percent "cut." The new pay scale put a number of these employees up to a level that still provided a raise.

The article states union staff members, such as teachers, are unwilling to take the 11.05 percent reduction. However, it seems a fair assumption that if presented with the scenario described above, they would also agree to such terms.

The salaries of all staff within DUSD warranted re-evaluation and, in many cases, needed to be brought up to a fair and competitive level. However, when an article prints an opening sentence such as "top managers will lose far more than their administrative helpers will," it is misleading.



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