Council disregards common people

July 11, 2013 

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I sat Tuesday evening in the chambers of the City Council and witnessed our elected officials' disdain for the will of the people. It was obvious from the bored, glassy-eyed stares of the mayor and council members as they listened to the impassioned pleas of the common people of our city in opposition to the addition of 533 new homes to our already bloated housing inventory, that they had already made up their minds.

How much more compassionate would it have been for Mayor Garrad Marsh to address those in attendance and inform them that the council had already decided to approve the housing development, so please don't waste our precious time with your complaints? And we're going to add the sales tax to the ballot in November.

I didn't stick around for that last part since it was a foregone conclusion anyway. Folks ask me why I attend these meetings. Where else can you see such utter disregard for the common people of the city by the very folks elected to represent them?



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