Homosexuals vs. our children

July 10, 2013 

Homosexual activists have long stated that the best way to advance their agenda is through the minds of children, by using falsely named tools like "anti-bullying" and "tolerance" lessons, all in the name of education. In Sacramento they are intent on passing two outrageous bills that ignore the rights of parents. These two bills could spell the end of Little League sports, 4-H clubs and church youth groups.

AB 1266 will force every public elementary, middle and high school to treat students based on their self-proclaimed "gender identity" and not biological gender, which means a teenage boy who says he wants to be a girl must be given access to girls' locker rooms, bathrooms and showers.

Senate Bill 323, the Youth Equality Act, promotes homosexuality and "gender identity"; violators face millions in penalties. This bill forces youth groups to put in place transgender leaders or leaders who are actively practicing the homosexual lifestyle even if parents object on religious or safety concerns.

This outrageous bill will force thousands of nonprofit charities, youth sports teams and church groups to choose between compromising their principles or pay millions in extortion money. This is total insanity and will hurt every family.



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