Deen flap only about money

July 10, 2013 

Regarding Paula Deen: Yes, it was a careless and hurtful thing to do. Yet I find those honorable people who are dropping her as probably being a bit more judgmental toward her than necessary.

Human nature is sinful. I suspect many of those who dropped Deen like a hot rock have used slurs toward others of different races, religion and sexual preferences. Most have not been caught saying whatever they say. Or those around them who hear such remarks say nothing.

The bottom line here is the almighty dollar, not some moral outburst by a pure, guiltless mob, but fear that viewers will stop watching some cooking show or eating at a restaurant with Deen's name connected with it. Please.

People accept TV, movies and music being inappropriate. So what's the difference? People spend thousands watching and hearing trash talk, simulated violence, men and women being degraded. So anyone who has never sinned in any form, pick up their stone and throw it with full force. But remember, things have a way of paying back those who think they have a right to throw that stone.



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