Should have said something

July 10, 2013 

Every year I allow Enochs band boosters to have a fireworks stand at my farm at Oakdale and Claribel roads.

Stanislaus County does not allow access to the farm from Claribel, so we have it blocked with tires.

While I was out of town with my family for the holiday, I received a phone call from a county public works employee saying some of the tires had been removed and people were driving into the property from Claribel rather than using the Oakdale Road entrance. I was told she spent half an hour taking pictures and making documentation of the illegal access.

I explained I was out of town and asked whether she had talked to the people in the booth. I was told she was too busy to speak to them.

I'm just a simple farmer, but I would think a simple five-minute conversation with the people in the booth would have fixed the problem and that it would have saved her 25 minutes of her time.

Instead, I have to tell the Enochs parents what to do, which they did. Why did it need to come to that?



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