Zero enforcement, more like

July 10, 2013 

My wife and I laugh at The Bee and TV stations as the police and fire departments trot out each year to say that they have a zero tolerance and will aggressively enforce fireworks laws. Why go to Disneyland when you can have a much better and free show here?

Burning embers come into my yard each year. I have given up reporting the aerial and ground-level bombs (disabling a street lamp) to the police as the dispatchers are irritated at the calls. One even told me that if a fire starts, call back. Another, while hearing gunfire from my call, stated that if the gunfire hits my house to call back.

Crime is rampant because people know that they will get away with it. One year, three fences, two yards, a gazebo, a deck and six trees burned from this so-called harmless fun. Why vote more taxes or give government more money when they won't enforce the laws now?



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