Paula Deen has suffered enough

July 9, 2013 

Are they going to put Paula Deen in front of a firing squad? There is much more to this than meets the eye. They are carrying racism too far.

There are nasty names for all races, or religions. Just ask any comedian. If you see some of their shows, they make fun of everyone. Yet the people sit there and laugh and laugh. Oh, but that's different, isn't it.

Our freedom of speech is gone. I am not condoning any name calling, but all the pure-as-gold sponsors who canceled her have never said anything bad about anyone. All the people who want to stone her have never said anything bad about anyone. We are all lily-white. Oops!! Did I say a no-no?

Remember Martha Stewart. She had the power. I think it is more about that than anything.

Paula Deen told the truth about her language. She was stupid; you never tell the truth. Ask the president or Congress. You lie, and they will love you. Don't judge people by the media. Maybe all those comedians should stand next to her on the wall.



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