Why bother? Votes don't count in California

July 9, 2013 

I have voted in favor of the death penalty three times, and it has passed. Yet the state would rather waste a trillion dollars to build a high-speed rail system we approved $8 billion for, when we need more prisons.

They were forced to release 30,000 convicted criminals and another 10,000 to follow soon. To combat crime, state lawmakers propose gun laws against law-abiding citizens. If present laws are followed, it is impossible to protect your home now.

I voted for Proposition 22, and it was struck down. I voted for Prop. 8, and it was struck down. I voted against Prop. 30, and it passed before 60 percent of the votes were counted. If you do not want to live in a free state, move to China or Russia.

Where is the money going? Is the mayor worth $200,000 a year? Is a college president worth $500,000 plus the perks? Is your government entitled to 75 percent of your income?



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