Why not a 10 percent tax increase in Modesto?

July 9, 2013 

I read your opinion on the City Council's ballot measure to increase the sales tax by 1 percent. Why stop there? Why not increase it by 10 percent? Just think what an extra $200 million in tax revenue would do.

What the heck, why not follow the city of New York and impose a City Income Tax, maybe that could raise another $200 million. All these tax increases might have some impact on the residents, but hey, we might get a few more potholes fixed. Then, with all this extra dough, you can put the majority of it toward the pensions and benefits of city employees.

Of course, if you raise taxes too much, shoppers might shop elsewhere, workers might work elsewhere. But who needs shoppers and workers anyway? Tax and spend is the way to go. Besides, with a higher sales tax in Modesto, stores in Oakdale, Riverbank, Ceres and surrounding communities might get more business. So, keep it going; keep raising those taxes.



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