Question of the Week: What's your favorite way to keep fit and healthy?

July 9, 2013 

What's your favorite way to keep fit and healthy?

Toshali Katyal, junior, Modesto High

For me, the best way to stay healthy is by eating a balanced and proportioned diet. When I have the time from my busy schedule, I go to the gym. Otherwise, I go running and biking. It's a very relaxing way of keeping fit.

Dominique Germann, freshman, Modesto Junior College

By drinking lots of milk and eating dairy products. They are full of calcium and vitamin D. Plus, they taste amazing.

Emily Hoeksema, graduate, Ripon Christian High School

My favorite way to stay fit over the summer is to eat healthier and exercise at least three times a week. Early-morning bike rides, plyometric workouts, running, swimming, abdominal exercises and sprints are some of the ways I stay active. Grabbing fruits or veggies for a snack instead of sweets helps, too.

Natalia Lima, freshman, UCLA

During summer I wake up early and hit the gym with my brother, play lots of tennis, take Pilates classes, go on runs and work as a health ambassador at the Marin Fair. I just started training for a half marathon on Monday and have been trying to implement "healthy summer" at the Lima household. That, however, has not gone over so well.

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