Illegal fireworks law not enforced

July 8, 2013 

The Bee did a good job this year in emphasizing that the law against illegal fireworks would be enforced. I thought it might be better this year than in the past. I am writing this letter at 10 p.m. on July 4, and there is a war going on around my house. Every imaginable kind of illegal fireworks is going off constantly, creating a risk of fire in this extremely hot, dry weather.

The Bee printed a telephone number that it said was dedicated to reporting the use or trafficking of illegal fireworks. When I called that number, I was informed that it was the business number for the 911 dispatcher and was given a different number to call. That number was answered by a recording offering options, none of which were appropriate to the situation. Finally, I called 911, apologized for using it that way, and reported the situation. The dispatcher took the information.

But nothing has changed. Clearly, the Modesto Police Department does not have enough manpower to police the flagrant lawbreaking that happens every Fourth of July, New Year's Eve and any other time people feel like raising hell.



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