WorkWise Q&A: How can I navigate changes in my industry?

culp@workwise.netJuly 7, 2013 


Q: Dear Dr. Culp, My industry has been changing since 2009 and I’ve been waiting to see if we’ve entered the new normal. I love what I’ve been doing, but I can see that I’m going to have to change that.

I’ve been watching people leave their current jobs to take others or take time out. I’ve also been reading about the industry.

Informed but Clueless

A: Dear Informed, You will be if you start marketing yourself. Staying put keeps you static. Get into channels where there’s movement.

Capitalize on the disruption in your industry. Ask yourself if you have skills and experience that are more fleshed-out than you did when you took your current job. If you’ve been growing, you likely do.

Start marketing yourself in logical places in your industry or outside of it after you write a career-change resume. Listen to feedback. If a person in a knowledgeable position says you don’t fit, ask why so you can target more effectively.

If people can’t view you in any way other than in your current role, either you’ve failed to communicate that you can do more or you’re looking in the wrong neighborhoods.



Q: Dear Dr. Culp, Several months ago my company told me that there’s a possibility that the funding for my position won’t come through. If it doesn’t, they’ll try to carve out a part-time position from it. I should know in about a month.

I haven’t been doing anything to prepare for this. I really don’t like working and don’t want to deal with any issues related to working until it’s absolutely necessary. When that time comes, if I’m offered a part-time job, I’ll take it. Beyond that, what do you think I should do?


A: Dear Procrastinator, This might be a good time to simplify your life. Do you have a pension or 401(k) that could support you? Are you ready to tap into it? Have you thought about selling any property you own and investing it for dividends? Do you qualify for Social Security?

If it’s too early to make these changes, either job hunt for something to get by or start a business around something you like to do. Yes, it will be work, but it will have a component that brings you pleasure. That can make all the difference in a person’s work.


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