Rule of law thrown out, apparently

July 6, 2013 


Les Wickey, left, and Evo Klemes share a kiss beneath rainbow flags after a rally Wednesday at the state Capitol by opponents of Proposition 8. State Sen. Jim Nielsen, R-Gerber, blasted the Supreme Court's decision, saying it "overrides states rights."


After reading about the first lesbian couple getting married in this county (July 2); I'm left asking: Does anyone care about the rule of law?

First, the fact that Gov. Jerry Brown and Attorney General Kamala Harris refused to defend Proposition 8, a citizen initiative, should make citizens shudder. What will happen when someone sues to overturn other laws, such as Proposition 13, and the governor decides that he doesn't want to defend the people again? He and the attorney general have a duty to the residents of this state.

Second, per federal law, any case decided by the U.S. Supreme Court has a 25-day period of appeal. Until that period is up, there is a stay on the decision. So what does Jerry do? He issues the command to issue marriage licenses to all homosexual partners who want one. And then Harris performs some of these illegal marriages herself. Complete defiance of the law by both in order to stay in compliance with their political dogma.

Why isn't The Bee or other media reporting these as high crimes against Californians? I realize the hack Legislature won't do anything, so I feel it my civic duty to demand a recall effort against the governor and attorney general.



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