Anarchy at Hobby Lobby

July 5, 2013 

I see that a federal judge has sent the Hobby Lobby case back to the trial court for reconsideration of the decision that this for-profit business must provide birth control options to its employees under the Affordable Care Act or pay a fine.

What a slippery slope this could start us down if everyone gets to choose which laws to follow based on their personal beliefs. Next, does this mean a Jehovah's Witness who owns a business can deny employee coverage for blood transfusions, since it's against the owner's religion? Or how about a Christian Scientist employer who decides not to provide any medical coverage since the owner doesn't believe in medical intervention? Next we'll have the strict Catholic business owner allowed to discriminate in hiring divorced people because divorce is condemned by the Catholic church.

Where does this "exemption" from following the law based on personal beliefs stop?

While the current specific issue is happening because of the conservative anti-abortion agenda, once there is one exemption to a law based on religious preferences, there will need to be equal treatment for any religious objections to any law.

Not having to abide by laws you disagree with is called anarchy.



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