Honor and humility

July 4, 2013 

We don't use the words "honor" and "humility" as often as we should. Perhaps there are not as many occasions that conjure them up. June 24 at the Camp Taylor- Colin Kaepernick Golf Tournament, they presented themselves in their truest definition.

Present was a cause that honored a family that has brought so much to so many in such need. And standing bigger than life beside them was a young man who took the time to give to others with a humility not often seen in celebrities.

To start the day, a line formed out the door of Del Rio Country Club to get a picture or a signature on everything from a No. 7 jersey and a ticket to Super Bowl XLVII to an NFL football. Then just before tee time, he walked out with the kids of Camp Taylor to the applause of everyone. We were all inspired as one of the kids sang our national anthem.

On the course there was, for the golfers, a brief moment of humility. On two holes, each foursome was given the opportunity to move up for our tee shot to the farthest point we could punt, pass or kick a football.

I remembered that I used to be much better than I was. Probably an equally humbling experience for most. I asked where Colin's ball landed and was told, "considerably further than yours."

Later, we heard the tearful yet motivational telling of the story of Camp Taylor. Following came some generous bidding on sports memorabilia. The evening closed with one last appearance of all the recipients embracing their champion. I left feeling that I had witnessed another suffix for Colin as he showed us all his "KaeperCaring," an act he described as his honor and we witnessed as his humility.



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