Blaming Modesto locksmith callous, probably incorrect

July 3, 2013 


ELIAS FUNEZ/ A photo of Glendon sits on the shelf next to some of his favorite books, some of his woodworking crafts, and an urn with his remains at the home of his parents in Oakdale.

ELIAS FUNEZ — The Modesto Bee

Regarding "County: Locksmith shares blame" (June 29, Page A-1): I am appalled at the callous statements made by the Stanislaus County attorneys about the murders of Glendon Engert and deputy Bob Paris. The situation is very tragic and painful, but the fact remains there was an unstable individual with a high-powered gun behind a closed door. No one can guess what this man is capable of.

Engert was put in a dangerous situation to begin with and he is not responsible for his death. I am sure he would not have been there if he was fully aware of all the facts.

It is very easy for attorneys to be armchair coaches and toss the blame around to save the county money. Maybe, if adequate background checks had been in place, this man would not have had this weapon to begin with.



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