Send a message to potential leakers

July 2, 2013 

An alarming trend is just beginning. First Bradley Manning, an Army private first class with no claim to fame, connected to Wikileaks and turned over a treasure trove of classified information. He did not try to escape and was arrested and is on trial for his actions.

Next came Edward Snowden, who could not even make it through Army basic training with even less of a claim to fame. He has copied another library full of classified information. He did improve upon Manning's track record in that he has gone over to the Chinese and now the Russians. They are working to find a safe haven for him. They do not care about him as a person, rather they are putting up the "Welcome" sign for the next person who wants their moment of fame!

Our government is incapable of exerting any pressure upon Russia or China. The Obama administration has to do something to get Snowden and send a clear message to all of the people who are considering their own acts of espionage that we will not put up with it. Severe consequences are an absolute requirement. Where is Dick Cheney when we need him?



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