California legislature's celebrity meeting a farce

July 2, 2013 

I read with interest the news of Halle Berry speaking to the Legislature about the problems with overzealous photographers.

I found it interesting that while California is billions of dollars in debt, has high unemployment, is spending billions more than voted on to build a train to nowhere (the list goes on, but I've only got 200 words), that the Legislature has the time to coddle the pretty people of Hollywood.

But of course these folks contribute to the election funds that keep California under the thumb of liberal Democratic control, which in turn keeps California in the red with the finances.

But as they say, follow the money and you'll find your answers. One can only think of what the psych costs would be if any of these pretty people in Hollywood were not photographed. And of course any conservative Hollywood types, if they speak out, are not allowed to work in the industry.

We common folk only have to worry about the IRS or the NSA violating our rights. So keep on with the important stuff, legislators, photo ops with pretty people, zealous photographers, condors that can't breed in the wild, etc.



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