Citizens stripped of privacy, defense

July 1, 2013 

Government snooping into our private lives is more than just a political or legal issue. It is a moral issue.

Why would not wanting to submit to a strip search at the airport be any more damning than not wanting to submit to a strip search on my Internet connection, my telephone, etc.?

The most dangerous aspect of government snooping is that it removes any possibility that its citizens could ever significantly resist if that government became so liberal or conservative that a revolution was necessary to throw off the shackles of its oppression.

Isn't that the most important thing the Constitution sought to protect, or do I need a history lesson? I hope the National Security Administration doesn't read this and think I am suggesting that we confront Big Brother in any such manner because I know that he is there to protect and care for us. I learned that in a book and then a movie called "1984."

Oh, and those guns you have in your home would be about as useful as pea shooters if such a thing ever did occur.



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