Modesto police killing pets

July 1, 2013 

What is going on with the Modesto Police Department and their loose trigger finger? "Protect and Serve" doesn't fit them; it's more like "Harass and Obey."

Not long ago they busted into a person's house I know. It was a duplex. Well, they were supposed to be in the back duplex, not this person's. She was in bed. Her dog sleeps with her. Her dog is a boxer-American bulldog mix. I know if someone was busting down my door I wouldn't just lay there. She and her dog get out of bed and turn into the hallway of her house. Of course her dog is going to bark. What do they expect? They blew her dog's face off. What a nice way to wake up.

I also listened to the scanner one night. They had a perimeter set and were going from back yard to back yard. Someone owned a pitbull in one of these yards and they were not home. They knew the dog was in the yard. They shot it so they could check the yard. How sickening to be so insensitive to pets.



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