PAT CLARK: Song of summer? It's whatever gets 'Lucky'

pclark@modbee.comJuly 1, 2013 

— It's that time of year when the ubiquitous song of summer is about to emerge.

Depending on whom you ask, there are several possible top-dog tunes on the radio and Internet waves right now.

"Can't Hold Us," by Macklemore (featuring some other guys, but for our purposes, we'll stick to the main players); "I Love It," by Icona Pop; "Blurred Lines," from Robin Thicke; "Cruise," from Florida Georgia Line; "Carried Away," by Passion Pit; and "Get Lucky," from Daft Punk, are among the many contenders.

The funny thing about this whole "song of summer" thing is that if you don't listen to mainstream pop, your list is totally different than the pop-player sitting next to you. If you're a country person, your favorites probably don't include Robin Thicke, for instance.

But, really, the song of summer is a mainstream pop thing. It's what's going to pepper YouTube, what's charting on Billboard and what's ultimately going to be snatched up for commercial jingle purposes.

And we'll all be completely sick of it by August's end.

If you'd asked me a couple of weeks ago, I'd have said the Icona Pop song, "I Love It," was going to win the season. But I've changed my mind. My prediction now is, hands down, "Get Lucky," from Daft Punk.

A lot of folks are predicting the Robin Thicke song. OK. I'm not a fan, but I'm not the target audience, anyway.

"Get Lucky" has the peppy hooks, the techno beat and the club-happy lyrics that just sound like summer. It doesn't matter how old you are, you can tell when you hear it what's going to send the crowds to the dance floors. "Get Lucky"? Please. It's a club-hopping anthem.

There. Prediction made. We'll see how it fares.

The latest local to wage reality war on TV has done pretty well for himself, three episodes into "HGTV Star."

Sonora resident Jerabai Tascoe has been toward the top of each of the challenges on the reality/ competition show, which will award its winner his or her own show on the home and garden network. Tascoe has gained praise for much of his work from the judges and escaped the chopping block that's so far sent four of his fellow competitors home.

If scenes for the coming episode are indicative — and they usually aren't — Tascoe may be in for a rockier ride in the fourth episode.

Still, the local graphics designer should be considered a contender. His only weakness has been his delivery during the "camera challenges." Since he's competing for a TV hosting gig, doing well in front of the camera is sort of key. He needs to find his energy place.

Watch Tascoe's progress Sunday night on HGTV.

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