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culp@workwise.netJune 30, 2013 


When Traci Daniels job hunted as a PR professional, something always happened, reminding her that the best laid plans of mice and men ...

Her most recent search took eight months but ended well at one company. She passed the phoner at another, which led to a face-to-face. “I was all prepared with questions,” she says, “and I slipped, asking the interviewer the same question I’d asked her on the phone.”

She considers the question a stellar one but she failed to note she was creating a repeat performance. Did she not absorb the answer the previous time or were her lines too well-memorized?

“She answered it but I could tell she was peeved at my slip,” Daniels comments. “Needless to say, I didn’t get a call back from that one!”

Another time Daniels changed from pumps into sandal thongs to leave her office and walk down the hill to her car. A sandal thong broke. Would she make it into her car?

Not easily. But when she sat down, her skirt ripped down the center back

Neither situation led to an offer. Was the universe trying to tell her something? How much do you want to bet that those jobs just weren’t meant to be?

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