Data mining serves the greater good

June 25, 2013 


All of us are on the front lines of an asymmetrical conflict. Edward Snowden's job was to keep us safe. He chose to help the enemy. The divisive and conflicting responses to his traitorous actions are alarming because they embolden the enemy and confuse our military.

Some call him a traitor and some call him a hero. Our neighbors in this shrinking world have snubbed our requests for help. We are divided and somewhat isolated. Our enemies must be excited at the prospect of victory.

Those calling him a hero express privacy concerns and object to the collection of electronic data that may save your life. You give personal information to save a buck on groceries. If you are connected, you cannot avoid giving information.

Are you willing to give information to save a buck on groceries but disallow information that may save your life?

Our men and women in uniform give a lot more than information every day. Let's help them out by giving them everything they need.




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