Common core, knowledge differ

June 24, 2013 

Before I actually read the common core standards, i thought that students in this country would now be required to learn the same "common" curriculum. I didn't see that as much of a real change since most states use local variations of the same curriculum, texts and tests.

But that is not so. The common core standards reject the need for a common set of knowledge, content or curriculum in favor of set of standards that can be used with any curriculum.

We are told that these skills or standards will in some way ensure that all students will be career- or college-ready, once again trying to fix parenting and social issues with education. Exactly how this will be accomplished is vague since the CCS does not provide or advocate a particular curriculum, text or even teaching methodology.

Maybe the tea party's concern and all taxpayers' concern should not be curriculum commonality across the states. Maybe the concern should be that some really scary groups like the Gulen Movement will be allowed to establish tax-supported charter schools without the requirement that they adhere to local- or state-mandated curriculum as long as they meet the federal CCS "anchor" standards.



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