Existing gun control laws don't work

June 22, 2013 

The Bee's recent article on gun sales in California and the many new proposed gun control laws ("Guns fly off shelves," June 17, Page A-1) was a very informative read. It is easy to understand that the push for stricter gun laws is pushing gun sales through the roof. Ammunition also is in very short supply and is marked up if you can find it; some is very expensive.

The majority of law-abiding, responsible gun owners in the state believe that somewhere down the line, California will simply make it so hard to have a gun that many will give up the freedom to own a firearm altogether. But criminals will continue to acquire guns and use them with acts of violence.

People are ignorant to the fact that the state and federal governments do not even enforce some of the gun laws that are already on the books.

I also want to point out The Bee's lack of knowledge on assault weapons and the quote from Melissa Bauman of the University of California at Davis calling for a ban on such weapons. So-called assault weapons are fully automatic weapons that only the military and some law enforcement agencies use. These weapons are already banned from public use and it's a felony to illegally possess one. Get your facts right, please.



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