Respect neighbors: Don't let lawns die off in Modesto

June 21, 2013 


062100 Lawn Care , Modesto (LIFE)-- Scotty Lucas of Scotty's Landscape Grooming adjusting a sprinkler.

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We all agree that conservation of water, given the drought, is important. However, I believe that it's also important to conserve with respect — respect for your neighbors and the neighborhood.

What do I mean? When you ride your bike through Modesto, you are likely to see green parks, schools and homes, which all contribute to making Modesto a nice community. I live on Linwood Drive (until recently a lovely green neighborhood), where a few neighbors are taking conservation to the extreme by not watering their lawns, letting them turn brown and die without any regard for the rest of the neighborhood. This is causing tension, because many of us take great pride at great expense to enhance not only our yards, but the neighborhood as a whole.

Although city codes allow lawns to go brown in times of a water shortage, what would a bike ride through our community be like if every lawn was brown? Who would want to live here? Don't you agree you can still conserve, but with respect to the rest of the neighborhood?



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