NSA data vs. credit report data

June 19, 2013 

The next time you are thumbing through your recent calls on your cellphone you will see exactly the same data that the National Security Agency is getting from your phone company — date, phone number called, and length of call.

The NSA will not see any names you have added on your phone. They have no intention of ever looking at any of this data unless your calls can be connected to foreign calls by a suspected terrorist. It would be nice if we could ask the phone company to only provide data for people who talk to terrorists. Obviously, that would be impossible.

If you want to see who really has a lot of data about you, check your credit report. These people (whoever they are) have records of everything about your finances — credit card records, house loan records, delinquent tax records and lots of other stuff.

People looking through my credit report have caused me lots of problems. I've never had a problem with anyone looking at my phone record.



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