Let God back into the country

June 19, 2013 

Dear sexual liberationists: Why does your "freedom" look so much like oppression in its end result? Why are the lives and well-being of so many children sacrificed on the altar of your almost religious pursuit of supposedly consequence-free sexual self-expression?

G.K. Chesterton said that once you abolish God, the government fills in the void and becomes a god. I would add that once you abolish God from the realm of sexual ethics, you are left with pleasure becoming an idol — a god so ruthless that it demands its worshipers to even engage in child sacrifice in order for them to achieve its idolatrous goal of unrestrained sexual gratification.

You believe government should cushion us from the consequences of such idolatry, but seem unwilling to admit that they point to a weakness in your worldview.

If your worldview of liberation does not really free people, then it is time to consider the claims of Christ — a Savior so full of truth that he was willing to confront our idols, and so full of grace that he was willing to live, die and rise to crush them and make us free.



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