Chillin' it in the Central Valley: Tips on beating the heat in Modesto area

Teens in the Newsroom programJune 18, 2013 


Garbo, a Labrador retreiver owned by Trudy Rose, Elk Grove, lounges by the pool at the Sacramento home of friend Christine Biesecker 7/20/99. Illustration for story on dog days of summer. (Sacramento Bee/ Leilani Hu )

LEILANI HU — Sacramento Bee Staff Photo

California is known for its weather. Those who do not live here seem to have this picture of a perfect 80-degree beach town all year long.

The truth of the matter is that most of us Californians do not live at the beach. Those who live in the valley experience a much hotter climate.

With some record high temperatures predicted this summer, here are a few tips to stay cool and refreshed.

1 Drink plenty of water. A cool glass of ice water can be extremely refreshing and can keep you from getting dehydrated.

2 Visit a pool. There are many community pools around Modesto. More than likely, there is one in your neighborhood.

3 Close the blinds. The less light you let into your house, the less heat you let in as well, so keep those curtains closed.

4 Chill your fruit. Frozen grapes and other berries can taste just like an ice pop with a ton less sugar.

Haley Smith is a junior at Johansen High School in Modesto and a member of the Teens in the Newsroom program.

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