JARDINE: Reward in Newman cat shooting up to $3,500

jjardine@modbee.comJune 17, 2013 

From the emails, voicemails and other trusted sources:

CAT-ATONIC CASE — A $3,000 reward offer still hasn't produced an arrest in Newman, where several cats were shot with crossbow darts in February.

Sacramento-based nonprofit RedRover offered $2,500, and Newman residents added $500. Months later, the crimes remain unsolved.

Now, Modesto attorney Terry Campbell Wallace said she'll sweeten the pot by $500.

"I'm an animal lover," she said. "Not just cats, but bears — all animals."

So anyone with a conscience, information and who can use the $3,500 can call Newman police officer Ronil Singh at (209) 862-2902 or Crime Stoppers at (209) 521-4636.

REWARDING MOMENT — In a May column, I wrote about how the prosecutor's office in Floyd County, Iowa, decided to return reward money to the Carole Sund-Carrington Memorial Reward Foundation. The $300 reward went unclaimed even though an arrest was made in the 2005 murder of 5-year-old Evelyn Miller in a case that made national headlines. The district attorney there simply wanted to close the books and complete the paperwork.

A few hiccups here. First, the foundation generally offered $5,000 or $10,000 in a missing person or murder case.

Secondly, the nonprofit foundation dissolved in 2009 and ultimately transferred its assets to the nonprofit Stanislaus Area Crime Stoppers, headed by executive director Carla Castro.

Wherever the money came from in Iowa, it found its way to Modesto. After talking with Castro, the Floyd County DA decided to send the money to Stanislaus County anyway. She received the check earlier this month.

STILL QUAKING — Last week, I wrote about David Nabhan of Pittsburgh, who studies earthquakes and issues advisories about the times they're most likely to occur. He does this taking into consideration historical data, lunar and solar tides, equinoxes and solstices. He theorizes that these forces, when properly aligned, put greater stress on fault lines and plates, thus creating greater likelihoods of major earthquakes occurring.

After correctly forecasting the 6.4 Susanville quake last month, he suggests the West Coast is ripe for another this coming Sunday, with the next most likely date being July 22.

He asks people to contact Gov. Jerry Brown's office, imploring the governor to at least issue advisories. He said he had been unable to make inroads with Brown or his staff.

After my column appeared last Thursday, Nabhan emailed to tell me he'd been contacted that day by someone from Brown's office.

" … it was the same senior aide that I spoke with a year and a half ago, and the conversations couldn't have been more different," Nabhan wrote. "Last time around, they couldn't get me off the phone and out of their hair fast enough. This time, there was a very different, silent, attentive air. So silent and attentive that I ran out of things to say and was the one who put an end to the conversation, since I got out everything important that needed to be said. That's unusual for the governor's office; they really go for extreme shorthand."

AND MORE — With Nabhan's earthquake advisory for this weekend in mind, reader Linda Guerrini wants to know: What kinds of supplies, and how much of them, should we keep on hand?

"I did Google and found a few suggestions," she wrote. "I have everything except a whistle. In an emergency, I could use my truck horn app. But this gives me a good excuse to go and find a whistle!"

Visit www.stanoes.com and click on "Preparedness" to find a number of links offering such details.

AMAZING RUN — Kudos to the folks in Tuolumne City for staging another successful Lumberjack Jubilee. The event lives on even though it's been 51 years since the West Side Lumber Co. sawmill closed during a labor strike, never reopened and later burned to the ground.

DISCOUNT ABDUCTION — In light of last weekend's arrest in Patterson, it's bad enough to be kidnapped under any circumstances.

But an $800 ransom? Downright insulting … .

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