Don't put gay fathers on a pedestal

June 17, 2013 

As a woman married to a great father, I was offended by The Bee and Associated Press articles on Father's Day pushing the virtues of gay men as wonderful fathers and another that may as well have said "those Neanderthal straight men are finally getting it when it comes to participating in their children's upbringing."

I get it. There are gays among us.

What I don't get is this ever-increasing need to place them on some pedestal due to their sexual preference.

If the media and our schools spent less time telling us about "Tommy has two dads" and more time on how Tommy needs good morals and work ethic and a quality education to be anything he desires, which has nothing to do with what Tommy's parents do behind closed doors, maybe we wouldn't be pushing to allow more immigration to import the well-educated people our country needs.

Pride used to be associated with the feeling our citizens had for this great country. It's about time we got it back.



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