The benefits of the great outdoors

June 12, 2013 

It's a disappointing truth that, even though the skies are getting clearer and the weather's getting warmer, many folks still don't get to enjoy a whiff of fresh air. Cooped up indoors, it seems all too typical to miss the subtle charms of nature just outside the window.

Now, it's completely understandable the predicament many folks may face, trying to juggle an incredibly busy daily agenda with a little dose of outdoor time. But the reality is, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that 42 percent of Americans will be obese by 2030, tipping obesity-related health care costs to $550 billion.

With this being designated Great Outdoors Month, I don't think it would constitute too much of a herculean effort to set aside just a few minutes of outdoor time every so often to get heart rates pumping. I think it fair to say that whatever little time we can manage to glean for some outdoor activity can go a long way in staving off the growing obesity rates.



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