Stockton Diocese remains a force for good

June 11, 2013 

As our Stockton Diocese struggles with the challenge of paying for yet another lawsuit, many people will take this opportunity to emphasize the negative and kick us when we're down.

First, my prayers for the victims of this abuse are for healing and forgiveness. Not the sort of reparation that comes from a financial settlement, but real healing and peace of spirit. You did nothing to deserve the horrors that happened to you, and we all grieve your loss of innocence alongside you.

Regardless of the direction that we take as a diocese financially, we will thrive as a church. Our church, after all, is more than the buildings or any financial asset. We are a living church, made up of caring, spirit-filled, dynamic people, clergy and lay congregates, trying to complete Christ's work on Earth. We are the United Samaritans, Catholic Charities, and so many other works of charity and ministry for whomever is in need.

My hope is, despite whatever challenges lie before us, that we will not lose focus of our mission and purpose and the blessings we've been given.



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