WorkWise Q&A: Past criminal mistakes keep haunting job search

culp@workwise.netJune 9, 2013 


Q: Dear Dr. Culp, Could you give any advice about what to do when you have a criminal background and employers check up to ten years, but the person sending them the information sends all of it through your whole life, even when you sign a paper up to ten years?

That's why I’m having a hard time getting employed. I made a couple of bad mistakes growing up. THANK YOU.

Turned Around

A: Dear Turned, Find an employment attorney, even one who’s pro bono, to look at the document you signed and clarify your rights and responsibilities, as well as that of the company. A first appointment with an attorney is usually free, but ask about that before you meet.

Another method would be to remind HR about the agreement you signed and that it’s being broken. If you get no sympathy, mention that you’ll be having your attorney contact them.

Suddenly, the problem will likely disappear. However, in the future, don’t sign any agreement with anyone without consulting with an attorney. The meaning of words in legal documents won’t be clear to you, because you don’t have a legal background.

Take action. Don’t allow this to continue.



Q: Dear Dr. Culp, I wanted to job hunt this spring but was too busy to have the peace of mind to do it. Summer is here and I feel as if I might have missed my chance. Everyone around me is planning vacations, which tells me that employers I’d contact will probably be less work-oriented, too. Should I wait until the fall?

Missed Out

A: Dear Missed, The conflicting information about the market and the nation’s optimism throughout the spring should tell you that if you missed out on anything, it probably wasn’t much. The economy is recovering, but it might be even stronger in the summer, given seasonal hiring.

Competition in the summer is far less than any other time of the year, except, perhaps, the December holidays, when people mistakenly stop hunting. Employers you find in the office are more likely to give you their attention.

The best time to job hunt is now. Make the most of the season. Use the summer to sharpen your strategy. By the end of it you’ll be in better shape to capitalize on the fall market, which is the most favorable job-hunting season all year.


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