WorkWise BlogTip: Swim with the big fish before you are one

culp@workwise.netJune 9, 2013 


Ernest Troth gives job-hunting strategy like a coach ( For example, if you want to change, “act as if you’ve already changed. In sales, this is the ‘fake it ‘til you make it’ advice (for) training new habits.”

Feeling guilty about basking along the side of the pool? “Quit watching and jump in,” Troth advises. “Get in the water.” You’re not Rodin!

“Develop (near) instant new credentials,” he suggests. “Quality new creds take time; so start with the simplest and keep working. ...The idea is to get in the door.”

He says to withdraw your membership on “Team Usedta,” stunning the world (and yourself) with your former fame, advancing career, whatever. Turn it in for a new team.

If everyone around you “wishes” he had a better job, flex those relationship muscles. Start doing trades, just like the baseball teams. “Go where the fish are,” Troth mentions. Hang out in the neighborhood with people whose careers matter. Talk to them.

Consider a short-term cut in salary. If it gets you on a team that’s going somewhere, you will be, too.

Finally, don’t panic if you discuss your career with a stranger. “These practice conversations are harmless,” Troth says. “If you make a mistake, it’s okay.”

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