WorkWise BlogTip: Your behavior during interview can reveal a great deal

culp@workwise.netJune 2, 2013 


Mitch Sullivan has tremendous insight into the meaning behind a job hunter’s behavior in interviews ( He says that if you answer your cell during one, “your time is more important to you than the interviewer’s. While this is probably true, the best time to affirm this is a few months later when you’re asked to work late on a Friday night.”

From his perspective you’re really time-challenged if you’re not punctual. Too late? You can’t tell time. Too early? “You’ve got nothing better to do,” he comments.

Sullivan says a liar is “potential CEO material;” a person who interrupts the interviewer, “a mind reader.” Not meeting the interviewer’s glance suggests “you think the interviewer ugly.” Overdo the eye contact and “you’re a trainee serial killer.”

You really know the interviewer isn’t on your side if he asks if you won the lotto if you’d quit working. He knows you aren’t on his if you respond, “Depends on where I was working.”

Shaking hands on the way out will say a lot about you. In clam-shell mode you’ll be telling the employer he might as well jump off a cliff. Wimp out and you’ll let him know you know you’re out of the running.

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