Forget the averages, this team strikes Gold

May 28, 2013 

The Living on a Spare team from the Comet league found their gold at Yosemite Bowl.

Not only did the team take the $1,000 first-place purse in the Pot of Gold Tournament, but they shattered the previous record for the event. Teammates Debbie and Dan Carreira, Sheila and Frank Deniz and Ryan Rissetto tallied 3,955 pins, far outdistancing the mark of 3,835.

Debbie Carreira and both Denizes rolled personal highs to boost their team to the top spot. Carreira, a 139-average bowler, rolled a 256 game and a 631 series. Frank, averaging a 124, scored a 586, which included a 248 game. Both were 71 pins over their average per game, and both earned a 100-over award for their high games.

Sheila Deniz, at a 117, rolled a 503 set, averaging 50 pins per game over her book.

McGrath Moving from the Hi Low League took second for $500. Brian Strain, Michael Bowerman, Kelly Lewis, Dean Houck and Mick McGrath rolled a 3,814 with Strain pacing the team at 746. Out of the Gallo League, the Don the Wingman team finished third at 3,797 — rolling 3,638 scratch with a 159 handicap. Each member of the team posted better than a 700 series — Ron Gilbert (763), Will Wilcox (711), Stan Greenwood (713), Frank Torrian (713) and Norm Wiggins (738).

In the Senior Pot of Gold Tournament, Those Damn Ten Pins found a bit of gold as Tricia and Max Norris, Linda Barr and Ron Dorville turned in the high team score of 2,567 for the win and $300. Dorville was high with a 674. Katie Garcia, Dede Patterson, Pat Horn and Jerry Barker teamed to roll a 2,511 for second while Burton Fire (2,416) was third.

Treico Holland of Richmond won the May title in the Scratch 6-Gamer at Yosemite with a 1,410 for six games. He earned $302 and a berth in the year-end Tournament of Champions. Fresno's Ivan Miyasato was second (1,374).

Tom Smithwick rolled a 915 no-tap series to win the men's side of the 55 & Over Tournament at Yosemite. Gary Riley was next (911) with Mike Seibel in third (881). Anja DeBoer topped the women's prize list at 899 followed by Ann Zuidema and LaDonna Stone tied for second at 858.

The Senior No-Tap Tournament is Friday at McHenry at 1 p.m.

Monday morning brings the June Ladies Trio Team Tournament to McHenry at 9 a.m. with a potluck and check-in.

Claude Jones Jr. of Oakland was the high scorer during the opening weekend of the 64th Peach Classic at McHenry. His 258 game boosted his total to 1,159. Denise Curry, also from Oakland, is second at 1,126. Also breaking 1,100s were Kevin Lew of Elk Grove (1,115) and James Truong of San Francisco (1,114). The Peach runs for nine more weekends.

Dallas Kadry is an employee of McHenry Bowl, reach her at or (209) 571-2695

Local Bowling Scores

> McHenry Bowl

• ADULT LEAGUES — Mixed Match Point: Myles Duty 269/1043, Raymond Waring 269, Jamie Marksman 227. Summer Madness: Mike Wolf 278/721, Maureen Ealy 181. Town n Country: Rick Simi 256/711, Sheila Puscizna 192/535. Scratch Trios: Jim Bolme 278, Don Erickson 943, Stacey Marckese 236, Kaley Olvera 850. Summer Triples: Mike Swickard 258/658, Cindy James 228/553. Valley: Ander Gregory 266/657, Jackie Yick 183/553. Sport Shot Trios: Eddie Waring 256/882, Kayley Olvera 219. McHenry Wed Vets: Dwight Sullivan 267/674, Ieko Click 166. Daytime Gamblers: Gary Pattee 247/688, Mary Mount 255/607. Wed Mixed 4's: Jimmy Khounsmnane 673, David Epps 245, Nicole Cox 189/517. Just Friends: Bill Dotinga 266/737, Derrick Van Vliet 257, John Veenstra 648, Brenda Cowart 571, Alma Overweg 223. Imported Beer League: Chris Awalt 222, Robert Aguilar Jr. 591, Meg Gillen 134. California: Wico Mendibles 228/623, Gary Briggs 228. Sierra: Paul King 257/628, Paige Kelley 171. Gamblers Unlimited: Keith Nixon 248/661, Julia Davalos 226, Nicole Nally 551. Fri. Mixed 4's: John Olivan 246/703, Ginger DeMello 187, Sharon Santweir 530. Weekenders: Dan Nally 238, Matt Figures 665, Mary Figures 279/710.

• SENIOR LEAGUES — Friendly Villagers: Ron Halliday 226/582, Ann Zuidema 190. Captain & Crew: Bob Goncalves 201, Bud Price 517, Charlotte Scott 181/502.

• YOUTH LEAGUES — Strikers: Diego Gloria 92, Kadyn Flores 93. Wild Zodiacs: Daruis Vossoughi 172, Sarah Bohrer 159. Jr Gold Doubles: Matthew Peters 222/800, Julia Serrano 185, Vivian Serrano 624. Wed. Youth: Noah Magg 94, Maya Freeman 102. Thurs Bumpers: Rhiannon Carman 67. Thurs Super Bumpers: Tanner Bland 84. Cartoon Mania: Carson Croasdale 158, Laura Fernandes 153. Sat. Bumpers: Tyler Wilson 80, Ray Woods 80, Mary Riely 68. Sat. Comics: Nikolas Serrano 106, Ashten Kallas 139. Prime Rollers: Ashton Russell 159, Marcella Olson 214. Generation X: Peter Kennedy 236/588, Vivian Serrano 183/506.

> Yosemite Lanes

• ADULT LEAGUES — Riverside: Jake Hall 265, Bryson Slacks 261/697, Ladonna Stone 240/600. Veterans League: Ron Johnson 249, Greg Ereso 244/671, Judy Roberson 204/579. PBA: Bob Neuerburg 268/705, Carol Serpa 264/659. Draft: Freddy Irvin 290/790, Don Erickson 279/790, Carol Serpa 256, Sharon Aronson 236/677. NASCAR: Barry Dias 259, Matt Mazim 223/603. King and Queen: Willie Ereso 268, Greg Ereso 245/713, Michelle Brasher 237/582. Summer Belles: Claudelle Bonaccinie 202/530. Road Runners: Tim Deloziers 177, Cynthia Betts 126. SF Giants League: Robbie Topie 235/687, Brad S. Beckner 268, Bonnie Garber 247/696. Summer Staikoff: Cody Stocke 279, Frank Alcaraz 266/662. Beer League: Sean Brumley 214/559, Gabriela Cole 211/564. Thursday Jr/Adult: Dwayne Hunter 259/705, Debbie Taliaferro 138/393. Sunday Jr/Adult: Kevin Wix Sr 203, Natalie Hunter 181. Sunday Mixers: Robert Lee 258/722, Troy Marlow 254/722, Tori Young 255/665.

• SENIOR LEAGUES — Midway Match: Jim Cole 259/674, Sheri Cole 213/581. Lunch Bunch: Abe Abston 265/642, Marcie Ingalls 190/535. Senior Go Getters: Cliff Marceau 248/665, Frank Alcaraz 256, Donna Smith 191/482. After Lunch Bunch: Abe Abston 241/622, Nancy Speltz 210, Elaine Van Holland 200/592. Scratch Trios: Pedro Flores Sr. 268/670, Sharon moore 203, Virginia Higle 201/546.

• YOUTH LEAGUES — Thursday Jr/Adult: Kevin Wix Jr 211/571, Megan Hunter 212/586. Sting Rays: James Neely 139, Tyler Posey 118/347, Melissa Karle 138/367. Future Stars: Liam Mcdonal 88, Lorna Cardozo 75. Super Stars: Jared Shiffer 115/225, Kate Shiffer 78/132. Strikes and Spares: Jeremy Hall 136/323. Sunday Jr/Adult: Kevin Wix Jr 203, Natalie Hunter 181. Youth: Marcos Garcia 196, Chole Wix 189.

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