Bravo for the Spanish spelling bee

May 27, 2013 

I was happy to read in The Bee about the Spanish Spelling Bee (May 22, Page B-1), that took place at California State University, Stanislaus, with the participation of students from the Central Valley Dual Language Consortium. It is good to realize that there is interest among students in this area to learn that beautiful language and spell it correctly.

I didn't know this was the second year this contest has taken place. Congratulations to the participants! Good job! ¡Felicitaciones a los participantes! ¡Sigan adelante!

I need to make an observation, though (actually two): Báscula has the accent mark and stress on the first, not last syllable. And it means a scale or weighing machine, not tipping.

Spanish is the most poetic and romantic language. It is spoken in more countries than any other language (21 countries list it as their official or most-used language) with more than 423 million people speaking it. Bilingual students of Stanislaus County, you should be proud of your effort to learn it, speak it and write it.



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