Safety for those crossing streets

May 22, 2013 

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SUN-STAR PHOTO BY MARCI STENBERG tip list stop sign on G St. and Cone Ave.

JONAH LAMB — Merced Sun-Star

When you come to a four-way stop sign, please come to a complete stop. Then, after looking to the right and left, slowly accelerate through the crosswalk.

If a pedestrian is in the crosswalk, the motorist is required to stay out of the intersection until the pedestrian makes it to the other side. How many times have you raced through the crosswalk with a pedestrian still walking through it? It is not only not illegal, but you can hurt or kill someone. Please be careful.

When you come to an intersection controlled by traffic signals, please obey the signals. If a yellow light is turning to red, that does not mean you should hit the gas. Someone on the other side of the intersection in a 3,000-pound vehicle may decide to jump the gun. It is a disaster waiting to happen.

Our schools have gone to great lengths to protect our children when coming to and leaving school. We have adult and student crossing guards with brightly colored vests and flags to make sure your child gets across the street safely in well-marked crosswalks.

Please, do not park 50 yards away from these well-guarded crosswalks on the opposite side of the street, then roll down your window, and yell for your first-grade son or daughter to dash across the street. Is it worth it? Please tell them to use the crosswalks.



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