Modesto officials lead by (bad) example

May 21, 2013 

n regards to the issue of the time card being changed ("Probe faults city attorney," May 12, Page A-1): The time card is an official document, and any changes to it have to be for a legitimate reason, meaning changing it because someone forgot to punch out for lunch or forgot to punch in.

Other than that, it is falsification of a legal document. That is a termination offense, especially when it might have had to do with trying to get child care that they were not qualified to receive.

If this happened anywhere else, these individuals would have been terminated. The city attorney and another employee conspired on these acts. The attorney knew it would be illegal to falsify time cards, and surely knew that it would be fraud to illegally apply for child care when not qualified. The council member that stated that he didn't think she meant anything wrong is an idiot for making that statement.

I thought for some reason that our officials would lead by example. Yeah, a bad one.



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