Valley Springs a heartless town

May 21, 2013 

Elias Funez/ A memorial for Leila Fowler has filled in on the fences surrounding Jenny Lind Elementary School in Valley Springs, featuring pink and purple ribbons, Leila's favorite colors, and stuffed animals as well as well wishes.

ELIAS FUNEZ — Modesto Bee Buy Photo

I so agree with the May 20 letter "Town turns on grieving family." What the heck?

Not only did this family lose their 8-year-old daughter, but now the heartbreak of maybe their 12-year-old son being responsible, and the town turns their back on them after they find this out? Shame on them.

When the daughter was killed, all kinds of fund-raisers to help the family, now they find new evidence, whether true or false, and all is off? I read people wanted their money back from a fund-raising dinner.

This family has had a double whammy. They are in a world of hurt! I used to think what a neat little town, and I would love to live there. However, if this is how the people of Valley Springs treat their neighbors, I'm glad I don't live there!



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