Fowler family deserves privacy

May 20, 2013 

Elias Funez/ Leila Fowler's father Barney Fowler (right) puts an arm around one of Leila's older brothers during a candle light vigil held in young Leila's honor April 30th at Jenny Lind Elementary School in Valley Springs.

ELIAS FUNEZ — Modesto Bee Buy Photo

I have several questions for editors of The Bee regarding "Family troubles detailed" (May 18, Page A-1):

1. What purpose did the article serve in detailing the personal marital, financial and legal struggles of the Fowler family, especially since there is no apparent connection to the tragic death of Leila Fowler?

2. In publishing this personal information, again with no connection to Leila's death, did you consider the feelings of the Fowler family as they grieve Leila and her brother's arrest?

3. Did you give any thought to how your readers will perceive this family?

4. Will The Bee publicly and in writing apologize to the Fowler family for invading their privacy and for publishing personal information on your front page?



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