Obama losing his way

May 18, 2013 

The wheels are coming off the Obama train. In his campaign, the president claimed al-Qaida was defeated. Then his administration botched the response to the al-Qaida Benghazi terrorist attack.

This failure was followed by an attempt to cover it up. Highlight was Hillary Clinton's response to Congress, "What does it matter?"

Then the IRS got caught using its immense power to stifle tax exempt status for Republican tea party action committees.

Next, the Justice Department got caught investigating the respected, time-honored Associated Press. The best part of all of this is the president claiming that he heard about much of this from the press.

Further, Attorney General Eric Holder claims he knew nothing either. Who is in charge in Washington?

For those who remember the good old days, there are a lot of similarities between the current administration and Richard Nixon. Only one difference: Nixon only had one big failure — Watergate. With this group we have a choice.

Recently, he told the graduates of Ohio State University to ignore the dissenting voices. Not good advice!



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