Modesto has attitude problem

May 18, 2013 

DN abandoned cart

Debbie Noda/ An abandoned shopping cart along an alley off Yosemite Blvd., near S. Santa Cruz Ave., May 9, 2013.

DEBBIE NODA — The Modesto Bee Buy Photo

Monday's column by Sue Nowicki brought up some interesting thoughts — about shopping carts and Modesto in general.

We have laws against driving under the influence, exceeding the posted speed limit, and even running stop signs. We often see gardeners, landscapers and even homeowners blowing their grass trimmings and prunings into the street rather than picking them up and putting them in the green can, and by that act the whole neighborhood shares in the wealth.

My friends, we have a social problem here in Modesto — a lack of pride and respect. Next trip down Oakdale Road or Briggsmore Avenue, please take a peek.

We have Love Modesto and paint-out-graffiti campaigns, but we really need an attitude change. We hear on an ongoing basis from our politicians and city promoters about the need for jobs and attracting business, and these are true and genuine concerns, but first we need to clean up.

It is not totally Save Mart, Safeway, Raley's or O'Brien's job to stop cart theft; it falls on the person who takes it from the store lots. Naïve, maybe, but if the pride and respect were there, the carts wouldn't go, and if they did, they would be returned. Folks, we need to help ourselves.



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